Saturday, December 13, 2014

Evidence #22: (You can still) Rock in Animerica Segment (Vol.4 No 1, 1995)

It's been almost 2 years too long, but were back again...

Well it is time for the holiday season once more, and I won't end the year off without posting something up for you readers who still keep up with this site. This was an issue that I've been wanting to post for a while now, especially since I got all of Space Adventure Cobra earlier this year from Nozomi Entertainment on DVD (which you can watch the show on their youtube channel for free if you care). Space Adventure Cobra is a show that after every episode, I kept saying to myself "This is the GREATEST ANIME EVER MADE!!!" I kid you not, I ended every episode saying just that sentence to myself over and over again. If you think I might be crazy, then see the show for yourself.

As for this particular issue, I believe I've had this issue for a couple of years by this point, and did buy it from the usual comic book shop in Raleigh NC as I do every year. This is another issue that was kindly autographed by Trish Ledoux and her husband Toshifumi Yoshida at either Animazement 2013 or 2014, since they were both present both years. So lets get things started by posting up a bunch of images of articles, interviews, reviews, fan art and advertisements that make up what Animerica truly is:

This time "From the Editor," Trish Ledoux writes about how it was to work with female booty aficionado Buichi Terasawa when she was employed for the marketing firm A-Girl. Interesting enough (or probably not), Trish defends Terasawa's art style of pure REAR-sploitation by stating that he can at least draw women a heck of a lot better than most contemporary anime/comic artist out there (here's looking at you Masami Obari / Rob Leifeld). To sum up, Terasawa has class, which speaking of...

... here is such an article with the classy manga author. I am not sure if Terasawa still comes to Comic Con in San Diego, or if he still dresses in black as his manga secret agent persona out in the public. Regardless. this is still a good interview, which Terasawa talks about his beginnings as a manga artist, and even covering his other works. There is even a small write up about how the Cobra: The Psychogun project was shelved at this time, only to be revived a decade later to an OVA. There is also a write up by a Betsy Sherman, who seems to state that the movie is way to anti-feminist for her taste. Well it wouldn't be for her taste, because Cobra is for real men... and women who who like the idea of having leather outfits with guns attached to them.

Here we have the other articles about anime that is current in Japan as of 1995, as well as reviews and articles about the recently releases that came stateside during this time. You can find a really good article from Carl Horn about his view on the Manga Ent. release of the Patlabor 2 movie, the opinions about Evangelion from the staff (who complain that the robots look too thin, and need to be bigger. Ah, Anime Journalism circa. 1995...), the kind words from everyone's "semi-hated-or-loved-but-is-now-dead" Carl Macek, the letters to the editor and good ol' fanart. Also, I am guessing this is the last part of that Fatal Fury "Make My Video" Challenge back in our last Animerica post, which just seems to be a fanfic story of sorts. I am sure I have issues before this one that when posted can complete this story, but well see about that.

And lastly, all the advertisements of what was hot then, but now long forgotten about now. Hey, at least you can get Hentai tapes for a couple of bucks off regular MSRP, and get excited for what is coming to the ADV library in 1996 with those hot new titles!!!

Well, I think that is all we have time for in this last segment of 2014. I cannot guarantee if I will post more or less in 2015, but chances are the next post will be for the 4th anniversary of this blog. What's that going to be... I don't know yet. If you want a life update, I am still enrolled at my university, changed my major to Communication, still going to anime conventions, still run our sister site podcast, and currently in a relationship. 2014 was a pretty good year, and an interesting one at that. I hope for the best for 2015, and hope you guys are there to follow along with what will be coming out next time. So until then, I plan on giving the new year peace and love...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Evidence #21: Space Dandy Official Fan Book (2014)

Guys, I am so ready to make this a hell of a fun club... IN SPAAAAAACE!!

I am actually surprised that I want to release something in less than the 4 month time gaps I have been doing for a while now, and I figured this would be a great opportunity to bring today's entry to the internet table. So, as of September 28th 2014, on the 12:30 am timeslot for Toonami on Adult Swim, we say goodbye to a unique and awesomely weird-as-hell-and-fun-as-hell show called Space Dandy. I don't believe something like Space Dandy will be around anytime soon, for many many years. This was a show that so many people who have been working in the industry threw in their hats and talent into it to make really, whatever they wanted too (if you wanna lowdown on who worked on who, Ben from Anipages has been doing episode by episode synopsis of the series since day one). But, being the fan of the show that I have been by watching it every week in the states, I wont leave you guys high and dry.

I know in my last post, I mentioned how one of the unique buys I got when I went to Japan was the Go Nagai book. I also failed to mention (for a good cause, because I wanted it to be a surprise), that I went to an anime store a few blocks from that bookstore and they had hardly any Space Dandy merch on the table. But, much to my dismay, they did have the Space Dandy Official Fan Book for sale, and in limited quantities. So I snagged up one for me and my podcast co-host Jonn as a nice little gift, before some ultra otaku that would knock a gaijin like me to the floor using some Hatsume Miku figure as a blunt object in order to get a copy before I could lay a hand on it. Well, lets be honest, that last part would probably never happen.

So, I have been waiting to post up this book for the fans of Space Dandy for a while, because I am really not sure how many are out there in the world. I think you guys know how this works, as I have the book all on a .rar file for you to download and view on whatever devices you have at your leisure. This all contains line art, storyboards, interviews with the staff and a whole lot more. So, just hit the Download .rar file here link below and your all set. I think the next post will come out around Christmas... yea, thats a good assumption. Until then, keep being dandy in your space baby!

(Total size: 179mb)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Evidence #20: Exhibition Go Nagai Book (Circa. 1998)

Sorry about the long wait guys, didn't mean to make this place so lonely...

So I could give a huge excuse as to why its been over 4 months since I've posted something on this site; which would only include reasons like "...its that college thing i'm at" and "...well i'm working a lot" followed by "...I went to some places and did my thing you know what i'm saying" and so on and so forth. But regardless of whatever I could say, I do have something for you guys that might be of interest. So here's the deal:

Last month I was able to go to Kanazawa Japan on a University overseas trip to teach Japanese students English for 10 days. If you wanna know more about that trip, I did a whole podcast about it at our sister site here. My goal there of course was to get as much as I could when I could, which I did come back with some unique items. One in particular I found at a used bookstore near the Samurai district right next too the heart of Kanazawa (I don't know the name off hand so pardon me there), I was looking through the store to find some Anime V mags, if I could get a hold of them. That was when in the manga section, I stumbled upon this little charm that I knew I had to get. So far, as of this dated post, it seems that no one on the internet has bothered to scan this book, and it seems no one on the internet seems to sell it. If you want to physically hold it in your hands, the Library of Congress seems to have a copy last I checked. But with no Anime V mags in my hands, I'd figure I can show this baby off on the internet to whoever it may interest too, which should be a lot of people.

So what I am going to do is have a download link for the .rar file so you people can download it and see it for yourselves. I apologize for some of the quality of the scans because I only have one scanner on hand that I can use, and its a much thicker book than how I scan magazines. Also a NSFW warning is added to this because of nudity and some violent content, because I don't want kids to see it and let alone your bosses, unless there cool with Devil Lady boobs on the company computers. So guys until next time, have a happy late 4th of July...

(Total size: 218 mb)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Evidence #19 (or rather #5): V.Max (Vol.2 Issue #1, 1993)

After 3 years, this blog still not gonna hurt nobody...

Wow, 3 years already... Has it been that long since my first post? Which speaking of posts, I never did an Evidence #5 (well technically this should have counted), which is why you got two numbers being shown than just one in the title. I'm just gonna count it was one big thing and move on, because... who cares.

So to celebrate this blogs 3rd birthday (or 3rd times the charm maybe), I decided to bring back another issue from V.Max, which the last one was posted in Oct of 2012. I'd figure its time I brought back another issue from the magazine done under R. Talsorian Games (which there is a page I will post showing a formal written reason to why that is.) As far as dates go, I believe this was in 1993, but there are other dates being thrown around on anime releases like a LOGH movie and a few other titles. I based the date off a release for a Nov '93 Urotsukidoji VHS tape that was in an ad from CPM (although granted CPM name isn't listed anywhere on the ad, its from New York and it reeks John O'Donnell VHS tape design ideas. YOU CAN'T FOOL ME J.O.D!) Let's get this birthday bash started shall we:

The second image is the written notice about the change I was telling you about earlier. Of course, you would need eyes to self display drop shadows on the text because its REEEEEEEALLY hard to read with the text mixing into the background like that. I hope this magazine did well enough that people didn't send letters on why there are ad's for RPG books in the issues after this one.

We also have a nice write up on the pretty popular early 2000's Toonami show Yu Yu Hakusho. I rather enjoyed the show on Adult Swim before it switched to Toonami on afternoon TV, because I miss cursing in my anime and uncensored blood. Even though that was taken out during during the Toonami block, it is still a really cool show to watch, even though I had the ending spoiled to me when a dude at my technical college a year ago told me how it ended for him. Interesting that these magazines from the past cover shows that do wind up on TV over a decade later, plus we did get some sweet english intros out of it also.

Next up we got a write up on what was cool at Comiket that year in Japan, and an episode synopsis about a few episodes of Legend of Galactic Heroes. The good thing about these old magazines is the fact that they reported on shows that more than likely would never come to America at that time, even though they really hoped for it. There is an interview piece with a translator at the bottom grey areas by the name of Takayuki Karahashi, who even was asked if the show was coming to America, which his response was "lets see how well it goes over at cons." Funny how times have changed, because LOGH will have a slim chance to seeing stateside release, where as moe-bullcrap-fetish show #1 and loli-moe-bullcrap-fetish show #2 will get instant praise by people on 4chan and Anime News Network. I have to hate the internet sometimes, or at least the parts that are detestable for me.

Here we got video game reviews, music cds of Gall Force, Yu Yu Hakusho and Tekkaman Blade; with domestic anime releases and building resin kits. I will say, the first Gaiarth OVA is pretty entertaining to watch, and really not all that bad from the first OVA stand point since well, i've only see the first one so far. Yea, those Hokuto No Ken games that I have played from about this time period are kinda bad, and at least with the HnK: Ken's Rage games, those are pretty fun for people who like Dynasty Warriors games (I heard the second Kens Rage game is downright terrible... which that sucks for me, because I do not wanna pay 60 bucks for it digitally on the PSN network.)

And that about wraps up this post for a while. I am not sure when I will get around to posting next time, but you know I always got something to show. (hopefully not a long 4 month gap like I did you guys last year, sorry about that.) I will say I have a chance to go to Japan at the end of May for a study abroad trip to teach Japanese kids better "engrish." If anything, I'll post photos of my trip after that and anything I bought from there (like Anime V mags if I am so lucky to do so.) As for personal life stuff (since I say more about it on here than my own Facebook page), school is still a thing, and I should be working on a rough draft essay due tomorrow instead of writing on here, but whatev's. I thank everyone who still keeps up with this site, despite the long time gaps of postings I do (although not as bad as Regan does on Anime82 at times.) I will sign off our 3rd anniversary by saying... man, my homework really never ends does it.