Monday, December 10, 2012

Third times the charm.. (aka Cybernauts Batch 4)

Its been a while... hasn't it.

Well, as of this moment, as I'm writing this out, I am no longer part of the CyberNauts Cast. Well, I haven't been as of Monday of November 26th. So as of the past 2 weeks, I haven't done anything podcast related at all. I haven't touched an episode to edit, or plan out recording times, or none of that crap that I just don't really have the time or effort for right now.

To make a long story short, we had an episode set up where were going to interview some people one of my (ex) co-host wanted on. Within the middle of the interview recording with these guest, we had some trolls show up and make a mockery of things which made that interview went south fast (and ill admit, looking back at some of the things that happened, it was kinda funny). I was more disappointed in some people than I was angry, because knowing the people that trolled the interview, it wasn't going to do any good to blow up on them. My ex co-host didn't see it that way, and wanted to put a perma ban on the perps. Knowing how our system works (which ill let you in on a secret, WE DON'T HAVE ONE!), I thought the ban idea was pretty dumb. But what made me angry was the fact that I wanted too move on and not think about it, while the person who had this set up would never let me hear the end of it, and that is what seemed to tick me off more than anything.

Not only that, but there is some clash of personalities in the group that was happening before this incident, which I clearly saw when this took place. There was no way we could all go back to working on the same page again. Then I realized that it was better for one other guy ( and including me) to split off from the podcast and leave it up to the co-host to take the reigns. I wanted to drop the guy from the site, but after remembering he started it, I wasn't going to argue with the guy and felt it was a better and more mature decision to let him handle it. Since then, its been a nice break from one thing that occupies my time to work on other things, such as a social life, schooling, and spending time playing Skyrim (23 hours in so far... and so much more to go). A well deserved break was what I really needed, and it is paying off.

But the transition to make this happen wasn't that bad. He agreed with what me and my other co-host had to say, and we did a final episode briefly (and completely BS'ing the whole thing) mentioning why we were leaving. But all I can do is hope for the best with the new leadership.

But... that doesn't mean I'm done with podcast forever. As a matter of fact, me and the other guy (plus another co-host) will be starting another podcast officially by the new year. It's still in me to podcast, and that is something I won't let go unless that time comes one day. With what we have been discussing, its going to be a bi-weekly release-ish podcast that is going to stick to this blog's formula. So much so, this blog has a sister site: The Anime of Yesteryear Podcast.

So far all we've done is made test post on who we are. I've got a section where I will list off the anime (and video games/WHATEVER) we will be reviewing each week, so there is an archive for people to hear what we have to say on something. We will shoot to get our first episode out by the new year, so stay tuned for that.

And with that said, I have another batch of episodes for you guys. And I will working on getting a magazine scanned and shown... maybe around Christmas, or tomorrow... who knows (but me). But if I don't hear from you honky cracker-jacks, Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

GenoCyber Review
Golgo 13: Queen Bee
Guyver: Out of Control
General Video Game Discussion (Final episode im on)

Tiffany Grant Interview
BanzaiCon 2012
Anime Banzai 
Hurricane Sandy

Monday, October 22, 2012

Evidence #12: V.Max (Vol.1 Issue 5, 1992)

Ok, this was a lot quicker than I thought it would be.

Sorry for the delay, but I got another type of anime publication to show you guys. This time, we got a piece of anime gold from the tender year of 1992 (about the best timeline I can figure this out since they do talk about about AnimeExpo '92 in this issue) is a publication called V.Max. There isn't much info online for this magazine, and the Wikipedia page only has just an issue's list, same with this R Talsorian Games site. But whatev's, this was another random impulse buy when I got this a few years ago.

Coming from the same comic book store I got my BGC Animerica issues, they had this issue there also. The only reason I picked this up was for my personal love of the anime on the cover, Sol Bianca. I know BGC is my personal favorite anime/OVA series, but Sol Bianca was my first OVA love, and still to this day my favorite one shot OVA (its not a one shot, but I  like to think it is, since I don't have that kind of feeling for Sol Bianca 2 and the Legacy OVA's).

Well, lets dive into this shall we:

Here we got the review articles on the anime's "Dark Angel" and "Demon Warrior Luna Varga," which are two titles that I am not very familiar with. And of course a "Help Wanted" add if you wanted to write for the magazine...which is a tad to late I'm afraid. Moving on...

Aww yeah, the Sol Bianca segment. Well if you need a calender girl, V.MAX was able to help you out. This is pretty much a review of the 2 OVA's, but it is worth a read.

Man, cons back then were a happening place to be at. I would have never put in my mind seeing Tomino, Terasawa and Mikimoto jamming out to some awesome karaoke at the cons. That is something that I don't think you would see con guest do, unless your Vic Mignogna singing Journey at BanzaiCon (he wasn't the only person to use that piano that day. I wasn't there to witness this act in person, thank god).

And I am going to end this with good ol' fashion marketing. You get the "expensively cheap" prices from Laser Perceptions ranging from Laserdisc to Compact Disk. $126 for that Crystal Triangle Laserdisc, my god, that is the steal of the century!! And how bout that US Renditions, becoming a member gets you 5 bucks knocked off the MSRP price. If I hadn't known better, i'd figure getting Dangaio for 30 bucks was a heck of a steal. But, I wound up getting it used at a flea market a while ago for a measly $1.95, I guess I can settle for that.

So, that is one of my issues of V.Max. I will try to post consistently instead of 2 or 3 month gaps. But, this gets me in the right direction. I'll try and do something special for Christmas for you readers. Well, Happy Halloween everyone, see you next time!!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

CyberNauts Cast episode batch 3

Ok, there is zero excuse why I haven't posted anything on this site in a good while, I understand that. But, in my defense... it was due to school/traveling/cons/etc/my podcast. Which speaking of, I have the next batch of episodes ready for you guys:

Kawajiri Month:

Koichi Ohata Month:

Specials #10:

Guest Spots:

I will get out a new magazine soon, I just haven't had a moment to sit down and scan something yet, but I will get on that soon. See you guys next time.

Friday, August 24, 2012

CyberNauts Cast Episode Batch 2

In case you slackers haven't been keeping up, here is what you missed out so far:

Gundam Summer: 4, 5, 6 and 7
Specials: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9
Roger Corman Fantastic Four Review
And Goku: Midnight Eye

Friday, July 20, 2012

Evidence #11: PLAYER ONE! (GAME ON! Vol. 1, No. 1)

Hey gang, I know its been a long time...

Sorry about the absence, but I have a new piece of publishing past ready to go for you guys, only this time, it's more game related. I have been wanting to post one of these issues since I started this blog, only to to say to myself "Nah, maybe next time ill do it." Well, that next time has came at last, with the first ever issue published. I picked up a lot of magazines when I took my trip to Raleigh back at the end of April for the ECGC (which got me to miss out on this years Animazement), and I have enough of these things to last for a good amount of time, well, at least how I have been putting these magazines on the net for you guys to see.

Let's kick this off: GAME ON! is done by the same people who are behind ANIMAG and Animerica ( which I mean Trish Ledoux and Toshifumi Yoshida were editors on this) which I would have to assume that with a successful mid 90's anime magazine company, why not cover more than anime (I assume that was how this got started)? This first issue covers things like Street Fighter, Ryu vs Terry Bogard, games out on the Sega Saturn, and a bit more which are just small articles. The rest is 2 manga excerpts from a Cammy Manga and Samurai Shodown Manga, which take up I have to save over half of this magazine. I guess its video game related, so its not all that bad right?

It is pretty much a side magazine under Animerica I would have to take a good stab assumption at. But this wasn't something that was thrown away in a few issues, this actually had a life span to it. I have some other issues but I really can't recall if its structured the same way as issue one here, which I have to say probably not.

If you are wondering why it took me so long to post something magazine related in about 3 months, I can give a few reasons, or namely a big one, School (and podcast stuff). I am still in it and sticking around for another year to get my associates degree. I hope I won't be so bad on updates from now on, but if anyone cares, my bad. But enough blabbering, let's show you this issue!!: