Monday, April 25, 2011

Public Access Anime Segment #6: This anime is like one big zoo

Hello everyone!

To still kick of the theme for P.A.A. "Girls, Guns n the Law" segment, this week we have the 1988 Appleseed OVA. This includes such things as spider tanks, corrupt officers, SWAT, purple haired "bio-roids", and a man with robotic bunny ears... with a robot face. Well since its Easter and all, this anime was a good pick if it has a man with robotic rabbit ears.

So, for the week of April 24th: Appleseed OVA

Friday, April 22, 2011

Kool Kids Klub Podkast Episode 4: Emails, Gundam, and 3rd Birfdhey!

So yea, I'm on a podcast now. But, not just any podcast, I'm with the Koolest podcast on the planet, the Kool Kids Klub Podkast!

This is my debut episode (I'm that Mashymre Cello guy) on the podcast where we discuss Gundam Unicorn Bluray, 3rd Birthday (aka Parasite Eve 3), love advise and how to survive in space, and more emails.

Here's episode 4: HERE!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Public Access Anime Segment #5: "Hows my Driving? Call Rally Vincent at ..."

Hello again Internet world.

Yea, I know I kinda "went off the grid" it seems, but I have been busy (mostly with internet not working in my apartment, but thats been taken care of). So please excuse the long delay, as I am still keeping the theme of the "Girls, Guns n' the Law" theme on Public Access Anime with this weeks Gunsmith Cats OVA. It consist of muscle cars, shoot outs, porn sites that run as illegal weapons trading, and bulletproof Russians.

So, for the week of April 17th: Gunsmith Cats OVA

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Public Access Anime Segment #4: I am a proud parent of a courier

Welcome again everybody.

This week for Public Access Anime to continue our "Girls, Guns n the Law", we have the grand OVA title from none other than Kenichi Sonoda, "Riding Bean. " In this weeks segment we have courier drivers, little kids as captors, psychotic lesbian lovers, and cars that will pin you to a tree... and Phil Perry.

For the week of April 3rd: Riding Bean OVA