Sunday, July 6, 2014

Evidence #20: Exhibition Go Nagai Book (Circa. 1998)

Sorry about the long wait guys, didn't mean to make this place so lonely...

So I could give a huge excuse as to why its been over 4 months since I've posted something on this site; which would only include reasons like "...its that college thing i'm at" and "...well i'm working a lot" followed by "...I went to some places and did my thing you know what i'm saying" and so on and so forth. But regardless of whatever I could say, I do have something for you guys that might be of interest. So here's the deal:

Last month I was able to go to Kanazawa Japan on a University overseas trip to teach Japanese students English for 10 days. If you wanna know more about that trip, I did a whole podcast about it at our sister site here. My goal there of course was to get as much as I could when I could, which I did come back with some unique items. One in particular I found at a used bookstore near the Samurai district right next too the heart of Kanazawa (I don't know the name off hand so pardon me there), I was looking through the store to find some Anime V mags, if I could get a hold of them. That was when in the manga section, I stumbled upon this little charm that I knew I had to get. So far, as of this dated post, it seems that no one on the internet has bothered to scan this book, and it seems no one on the internet seems to sell it. If you want to physically hold it in your hands, the Library of Congress seems to have a copy last I checked. But with no Anime V mags in my hands, I'd figure I can show this baby off on the internet to whoever it may interest too, which should be a lot of people.

So what I am going to do is have a download link for the .rar file so you people can download it and see it for yourselves. I apologize for some of the quality of the scans because I only have one scanner on hand that I can use, and its a much thicker book than how I scan magazines. Also a NSFW warning is added to this because of nudity and some violent content, because I don't want kids to see it and let alone your bosses, unless there cool with Devil Lady boobs on the company computers. So guys until next time, have a happy late 4th of July...

(Total size: 218 mb)

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  1. I have it signed by the master himself, awesome book!