Monday, October 22, 2012

Evidence #12: V.Max (Vol.1 Issue 5, 1992)

Ok, this was a lot quicker than I thought it would be.

Sorry for the delay, but I got another type of anime publication to show you guys. This time, we got a piece of anime gold from the tender year of 1992 (about the best timeline I can figure this out since they do talk about about AnimeExpo '92 in this issue) is a publication called V.Max. There isn't much info online for this magazine, and the Wikipedia page only has just an issue's list, same with this R Talsorian Games site. But whatev's, this was another random impulse buy when I got this a few years ago.

Coming from the same comic book store I got my BGC Animerica issues, they had this issue there also. The only reason I picked this up was for my personal love of the anime on the cover, Sol Bianca. I know BGC is my personal favorite anime/OVA series, but Sol Bianca was my first OVA love, and still to this day my favorite one shot OVA (its not a one shot, but I  like to think it is, since I don't have that kind of feeling for Sol Bianca 2 and the Legacy OVA's).

Well, lets dive into this shall we:

Here we got the review articles on the anime's "Dark Angel" and "Demon Warrior Luna Varga," which are two titles that I am not very familiar with. And of course a "Help Wanted" add if you wanted to write for the magazine...which is a tad to late I'm afraid. Moving on...

Aww yeah, the Sol Bianca segment. Well if you need a calender girl, V.MAX was able to help you out. This is pretty much a review of the 2 OVA's, but it is worth a read.

Man, cons back then were a happening place to be at. I would have never put in my mind seeing Tomino, Terasawa and Mikimoto jamming out to some awesome karaoke at the cons. That is something that I don't think you would see con guest do, unless your Vic Mignogna singing Journey at BanzaiCon (he wasn't the only person to use that piano that day. I wasn't there to witness this act in person, thank god).

And I am going to end this with good ol' fashion marketing. You get the "expensively cheap" prices from Laser Perceptions ranging from Laserdisc to Compact Disk. $126 for that Crystal Triangle Laserdisc, my god, that is the steal of the century!! And how bout that US Renditions, becoming a member gets you 5 bucks knocked off the MSRP price. If I hadn't known better, i'd figure getting Dangaio for 30 bucks was a heck of a steal. But, I wound up getting it used at a flea market a while ago for a measly $1.95, I guess I can settle for that.

So, that is one of my issues of V.Max. I will try to post consistently instead of 2 or 3 month gaps. But, this gets me in the right direction. I'll try and do something special for Christmas for you readers. Well, Happy Halloween everyone, see you next time!!!!

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