Thursday, December 29, 2011

My reviews for the AAA Podcast to show.Part 3

So its been a while since I showed any of my reviews up from the AAA Podcast site, so here is the next batch.

Ogre Slayer Review

Cosmo Police Justy Review

Madox-01 Review

AAA Podcast Bloggers Discussion Podcast... Podcast

Huh... thought I did more. Well anyways, this has the newest stuff I posted about and the first ever AAA Podcast bloggers discussion with other fellow AAA bloggers to talk about stuff... just stuff really. So yea, have a look and enjoy!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 34 - Gundam Week IV - Gundam 0080 Review


For such a yuletide cheery day for the son of God to be born and American commercialism, this also needs its share of Gundam added to it as well. We are joined (once again) by Jeff from the Anime Graruru podcast as well as SPECIAL GUEST STAR Steve Lundburg of Jade Phoenix Studios to talk about Gundam 0080, which contains inflatable Santa's, nuking colonies, bad looking Zeon suits like the Gelgoog Jager and Kampher units, and being 10 years old in the middle of the biggest war of mankind. Oh yea, and Youtube services. And to you Tim and Eric fans out there, Merry Crimbus to you!!!!

Download Here!!

*Image by One Pixel Jump

This show has:

So totally did not take this from the Anime Graruru podcast site

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 34 - Gundam Week 3 - MS Igloo Review

Welcome Back!

Were at week 3 here in our Gundam Month for the Cool Kids Club, as we dive into the Zeon side of the One Year War with MS Igloo with Jeff from the Anime Graruru Podcast. We got our Zeon experimental corps, zaku tanks, black Gears of War feddie Cole's, bobcat guntanks and hairpin taking feddie warships. We also have a PSA at the end with the Ghost and his views of us being racist, because we never said that. All this and more on this weeks episode.

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Th;is show contains:
                                          "It was so close... to being a gold turd..."

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 33 - Gundam Week II - 08th MS Team Review

Hey everyone!

This week the Cool Kids Club we go to the depths of Veit-NAM with our mobile suits in the Gundampocalypse Now world of 08th MS Team. We got Gundams, Zakus, Jungles, Gears, Mobile Armors, awesome Gouf pilots, how love will conquer all, and Gundam decapitations. All this and more can be found on this episode with our guest from One Pixel Jump and Anime Graruru. We also mentioned our feelings about Big-O also, cool looking show.

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This episode has:
                                                           ACGUY PUNCH!!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 32 - Gundam Week I - Mobile Suit Gundam Review

Hey gang!

This is going to be week one of our Gundam month here on the Cool Kids Club Podcast. This episode we have our guest from Anime Graruru and One Pixel Jump to talk about the original Gundam series... which we kinda sorta did. We did discuss Gundam as a whole with other series, a 10 or so minute talk about the ending and some other stuff along with it.

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This episode has:

                                            The Char/Golgo 13 Kill of ALL TIME!!!!