Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So as of 2 days ago, this blog is celebrating its one year on the internet, and I have to say... I am kinda impressed by the traffic over the past year and content. This didn't turn out to be a blog that would keel over and die, because I made sure that it wouldn't.

So what do I have for plans for the next year... not a darn clue. I keep traffic to it with my current activities on the podcast, me whoring myself out there for attention and showing past publications of anime fandom over the past decade(s). I hope to keep getting more stuff in, because I need to get around to getting more and showing more to you viewers out there. I appreciate all the love (and loath the hate, if there is any) that the people show when they come to this side of the net. I hope to keep meeting more people through podcasting and social networking since that is how I meet my guest for the podcast.

So really thank you to all of you who stick with this blog, because its 1:15 on the A.M.'s and I am tired and got school work up the butt to do in the next few days, and it didn't help that I have been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution since I got home 4 some hours ago when I could have been using that time for more productive things like editing a podcast or doing some school work, oh well. Peace out to you and see you next time!!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 44 - Bubblegum Crisis Review #1


Welcome back! Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the classic cyberpunk anime classic, Bubblegum Crisis! We at the podcast decided to dedicate a whole month to Bubblegum Crisis, with stories of fandom, fanfiction, "by ear" stories heard at cons over the years, and for us to pick on the anime a bit (regarding the AD Police and Mackie of course). We start out on how we came to watch and love this beloved OVA series and what made us the fans we are today, then we go into tangents of the anime and just have fun with it, since the OVA series is a lot of fun regardless. We talk about the first 2 OVA's, Tinsel City and Born to Kill. We are joined by Jeff of Anime Graruru, One Pixel Jump and "all around" BGC fangirl herself, Amanda Stair (Duran). Hope you enjoy, and more to come


This show has:

Kinuko Oomori... the Japanese Pop Rock Goddess... of Rock!!!!

My personal ramblings: (When I came to this podcast, this was really the number one thing I wanted to talk about and discuss more than anything, but I wanted to do it right with the right people involved. Now, this is the perfect time to talk about this anime with whatever experience I have picked up being a podcaster in the past 40 some episodes I have been with the show. My greatest wish on this is to do this OVA justice and pay its dues to the anime community.)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 43 - Battle Royal High School Review

Hey gang! This week in our quest of AnimEigo titles we stumble upon the world of something we just can't comprehend too well in Battle Royal High School (aka, might be "Tekken: The Wonder Years"). This has man in cheetah mask (KING), space police, big teddy bears, boomerang sewer grates, fairies on crack, exploding trees and so much more. This episode is kinda split up into two parts, which part (a) is our review of the anime, we talk about movies like Drive and talk about video games. Part (b) is our pre show DRAMA!!!!, where we decide to resurrect C(hibi)G(oku) from the dead, but it turns out that was more trouble than we bargained for and the Dragonballs just exploded and CG went back to the negaverse or wherever. Long story short, I don't wanna explain anything to you, but CG does anyways. All this and more in this weeks episode!

Download HERE!!

This show contains:

The best way to promote safe sex...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 42 - Crusher Joe OVA 2 Review, Mailbag


We broke out of the Ice Prison and found ourselves on a jungle planet full of microbots or whatever in this weeks review of Crusher Joe OVA: The Ultimate Weapon. This has corrupt politicians, women trying to take charge, a big bomb, some robots and tanks, 'sabout it. Actually, this OVA wasn't that great, so much to the point we decided to talk about other stuff like the Dirty Pair, Call of Duty vs Battlefield 3, AnimeCon 91 on Youtube, movies and video games with much more, and hold music since we had a call drop. We even hit up our Mailbag again with the return of SPACE SHAFT SUCKA and other peoples problems. Special Guest Stephen from Jade Phoenix joins us with mic troubles, so sit back and enjoy. We also warn about our next episode...

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This show has:

Well played Kenichi Sonoda... well played...

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 41 - Crusher Joe OVA Review

Muchos Gracias Hombres!!

Our AnimEigo train has taken us to the far reaches of space and into some trouble with the space law, as we do hard time in Crusher Joe "Ice Prison" OVA. This has annoying robots, beach planet resorts, chicks with star nipples, machine gun hands, space lasers, annoying co-workers and Space AMERICA!!!! We also mention a few things like 50's Robots, Japanese metal bands, Odin: Starlight Mutany, Indian water rights, Funi suing ADV (or whats left) with CRUSSSSSSSSSHHHHHes added in, and so much more. Oh, and ChibiGoku has been killed off the show for some time, just FYI.

Special Guest Jeff from the Anime Graruru Podcast!!!!

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This show has:

Space America...E'fffffffffff YEA!!!!