Monday, May 28, 2012

The CyberNauts Cast is GO!!!

We are officially kicked off with The CyberNauts Cast!!

Our first order of business is our interview with Robert Woodhead, where we harass the man brutal questions after brutal questions in our first onslaught of episodes. Join us for our first show at The CyberNauts Cast!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Cool Kids Club (is dead)

Here it is in a nutshell.

For sometime, I personally have been wanting to get away from the name of this podcast and continue to do something else (like start another one). This idea of mine has been discussed for the past couple of months on and off between me and my co-host on either AIM or after our skype recordings. After having lunch with a member from a different podcast and him and I going over where the show is, it came to my attention that it was time to leave it.

ToonRadio is still down, and we don't think it is coming back up anytime soon. And since were supposed to be "exclusive" to Toon Radio, we will get around to telling the guy who runs it "were out, peace" in due time. It doesn't help that the owner wants us to meet demands on getting a certain number of listeners on an internet radio site a vast majority of people on the net don't even know exist. But since we decided to do all that, we are not going to leave you guys high and dry, we already have something lined up.

Starting in June, we will officially kick off our new podcast: The CyberNauts Cast! It is pretty much going to be about the same content as we have talked about in the past, but we can make more content and have no limit on our time on each episode, so its in total control with us. We have our Robert Woodhead interview lined up as our first official episode, then we got our Gundam Month 2, which in between that we can talk about new shows, tech talk, whatev's. We got the same people as before joining in, and we have Amanda listed as a new member (so it wont be a total sausage fest), or our official "Pink Ranger" so to speak.

So now that I got that info out of the way, Ill post up links when the podcast kicks off to let you guys know about it. So really after that happens, this blog will be about magazine reviews and probably me doing other things to it. So yea, that is the "big kept secret" I hinted about in the last post. So check us out in June. And we might do a farewell episode at the end of this month, boy, wont that be interesting.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 52 - Anime Boston Talkback

Hey gang!! In anime terms, this episode would be considered the final one of the series, so we have quite the doozy of everything coming at you in this episode. This week we have past co-host DaftPunkFan join in with his crew in Beastie Boys style where they mention what they did at the convention (starting at 14 min in), which includes talking about hot cosplayers, getting yelled at by authority, getting knocked in the face at the rave, drunken nights at the hotel, people who have make bad panels, and much more. We also go off topic a bit to talk about the military, internet people we know and the events around them, people making meth in Wal-Mart, internet memes, movie talk and the (now old) news of how Chris Chan popped his cherry. This and much much more in this weeks installment.


HAWT NEWS!!: Speaking of "series finale" type shows, the podcast is going through a transition period right now to go on to do something else. I can't say everything for right now, but more news on this will develop later this week, I will keep in touch with you guys.

This show has:
We dedicate this episode to MCA/ the Beastie Boys.