Thursday, December 29, 2011

My reviews for the AAA Podcast to show.Part 3

So its been a while since I showed any of my reviews up from the AAA Podcast site, so here is the next batch.

Ogre Slayer Review

Cosmo Police Justy Review

Madox-01 Review

AAA Podcast Bloggers Discussion Podcast... Podcast

Huh... thought I did more. Well anyways, this has the newest stuff I posted about and the first ever AAA Podcast bloggers discussion with other fellow AAA bloggers to talk about stuff... just stuff really. So yea, have a look and enjoy!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 34 - Gundam Week IV - Gundam 0080 Review


For such a yuletide cheery day for the son of God to be born and American commercialism, this also needs its share of Gundam added to it as well. We are joined (once again) by Jeff from the Anime Graruru podcast as well as SPECIAL GUEST STAR Steve Lundburg of Jade Phoenix Studios to talk about Gundam 0080, which contains inflatable Santa's, nuking colonies, bad looking Zeon suits like the Gelgoog Jager and Kampher units, and being 10 years old in the middle of the biggest war of mankind. Oh yea, and Youtube services. And to you Tim and Eric fans out there, Merry Crimbus to you!!!!

Download Here!!

*Image by One Pixel Jump

This show has:

So totally did not take this from the Anime Graruru podcast site

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 34 - Gundam Week 3 - MS Igloo Review

Welcome Back!

Were at week 3 here in our Gundam Month for the Cool Kids Club, as we dive into the Zeon side of the One Year War with MS Igloo with Jeff from the Anime Graruru Podcast. We got our Zeon experimental corps, zaku tanks, black Gears of War feddie Cole's, bobcat guntanks and hairpin taking feddie warships. We also have a PSA at the end with the Ghost and his views of us being racist, because we never said that. All this and more on this weeks episode.

Download HERE!

Th;is show contains:
                                          "It was so close... to being a gold turd..."

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 33 - Gundam Week II - 08th MS Team Review

Hey everyone!

This week the Cool Kids Club we go to the depths of Veit-NAM with our mobile suits in the Gundampocalypse Now world of 08th MS Team. We got Gundams, Zakus, Jungles, Gears, Mobile Armors, awesome Gouf pilots, how love will conquer all, and Gundam decapitations. All this and more can be found on this episode with our guest from One Pixel Jump and Anime Graruru. We also mentioned our feelings about Big-O also, cool looking show.

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This episode has:
                                                           ACGUY PUNCH!!!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 32 - Gundam Week I - Mobile Suit Gundam Review

Hey gang!

This is going to be week one of our Gundam month here on the Cool Kids Club Podcast. This episode we have our guest from Anime Graruru and One Pixel Jump to talk about the original Gundam series... which we kinda sorta did. We did discuss Gundam as a whole with other series, a 10 or so minute talk about the ending and some other stuff along with it.

Download HERE!!

This episode has:

                                            The Char/Golgo 13 Kill of ALL TIME!!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 31 - The Professional: Golgo 13 review

Hey Folks!

This episode we were lucky to survive the deathly strike of Golgo 13 as we review the 1983 animated movie. This has hookers having sex, headshots, more hookers and sex, fat ex- Nazis, and CG helicopters. We also talk about some domestic anime companies and a bit more on Golgo 13. Also there was a glitch on this episode were somethings were taken out, but its nothing much.

Download HERE!!

This show has:

                                                  The RADDEST CGI EVAR!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Evidence #8: The Colony Drop Zine


Ok so, it has been a while since I put up anything "magazine" related, I admit that. But, I do have something that is recent that I wanted to show off that EVERYONE OUT THERE EVER SHOULD GET THIS!!!! This is the Colony Drop Zine (Issue 1 I suppose)

Here is a bit of what a "Colony Drop" is. Colony Drop is a fun little blog about a bunch of guys who review obscure anime, common anime, news in the industry and there take of what the industry is screwing up on in today's world. To make Colony Drop just a bit more than the average anime-rant-and-rave blog out there, they wanted to do something so off the wall, somewhat bizarre in today's blog and publishing world, the only reason they did it is because "we think this is a cool thing so eff off weeaboo's." They wanted to make a "zine," which is something that doesn't really need a reason to be done in the past 20 or so years. But this zine is really a throwback to the "older generation" of American anime fandom with interviews of people who would volunteer at local cons, who helped published fanzines and kept up with them, and people who can draw really good fan art in a zine... for once. So I give you, the Colony Drop Fanzine:

So we got our intro page, with a little excerpt on the top left from the staff there reasons in making this, which is to not relive the past, but to make sure people were reminded of it.

Here is a bit on a Bubblegum Crash game by David Cabrera, and how his love for a pink haired cyber hacker from the future was turned around for him with one badly done PC Engine game.

Matt Schley gives his view on what Carl Macek was able to do to the anime industry in the early days.

Some Dirty Pair fanart by Mark McKenzie.

This is Dave Merrill P.O.V on the "behind the scenes" view of the fanzine world that dominated the underground reports of anime before people in the states got ANIMAG and Animerica to do all the work.

This is a bit by Tim Maughan on somethings about the anime world in the United Kingdom and perhaps Europe during the same time.

Here is a ad for the Votoms guide by none other than "great Votoms fan himself," Tim Eldred.

This is pretty much the fanfic/novelization of the "Riding Bean" OVA, which by reading it, just makes Riding Bean sound like a more amazing anime in it of itself.

And some more glorious fanart by McKenzie... with a grand shot of Char on the can.

I was going to make this a short and sweet fun little post. And this isn't the whole fanzine, because I want you people to go and support this. I know I am a person that likes to show everything, but unlike my magazine reviews, this is something you can get your hands on (provided by the link above). So yea, support these people. I did submit something for the next issue, so I have no clue if they will publish my content or not, but here is hoping.

Well, hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, see you next time!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 30 - Fist of the North Star TV, Gears 3 and Chris Chan review

Hey gang!

The Cool Kids Club isn't out of the post-apocalypse just yet as this episode is titled "Death To Ears 2: Are Listeners are already DEAD!!!!" Since we must defeat our rival brothers in the Fist of the North Star TV, we cover up to about episode 40. Along with that, I give my brief review of Gears of War 3, then we explore the world of Chris Chan and this other guy I mentioned about (in my research, this blog reported he made another blog here, and you can find some good quotes here too). All and more are on the link.

Download Here!

This episode has:

                    "Watcha wait'in fer boy? Go out der and get dem vids offa dam internets!"

URGENT!!!!! Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I do make the attempt to throw (ok more like whore) myself out there for attention. But I made an appearance on GunDamn Podcast and did the the final episode review of Bubblegum Crash (AND BURN) for the One Pixel Jump Podcast also, so give those a look at.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 29 - Fist of the North Star Movie Review

Hey Everyone!!!!

Were back to our newest adventure with our new Fist episode titled: "Death To Ears: The Podcast of the North Star! Death To all in its Grasp!!" This episode we discuss the anime movie of Fist of the North Star, full of ATATATATATATATATATATATA's to knock you till next centuries with razor cutting fighting speeds, crucified women, using your biceps to crush statue heads, mid air men fighting on mid air horses, Mad Max biker gangs and getting back your woman from your back-stabbing karate best friend.

Oh yea... Spoiler alert BTW!!

You can find the episode HERE!!

This episode has:

                                                 EVERYTHING EVER MADE EVER!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 27 - Halloween Special: Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust

Hey Everybody!

The Cool Kids Club decide to do our own celebration of Halloween, by doing a review of Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust. Full of vampires, zombies, Vampires in Space, flying desert manatees, and discrimination against half vampires all chock full in this one little movie. We also mention our pet peeves of Netflix, anime licensing issues and our favorite anime going into obscurity.

Download Episode HERE!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 26 - Angel Cop pt 2 and Return of the Mailbag

Hey guys!

This week for the Cool Kids Club is our shoot "out" of the Angel Cop universe, followed by me talking about how cool the "Gunny" was in person, we hit up the Mailbag once again and mention some shows on the tube.

Episode is HERE!

This show has:

                                                          The Gunny and Me!!

                                            HULKAMANIA FOR THE SMALL PEOPLES, BROTHER!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 25 - Gundam Age and Gundam Talkback

Hey everyone!

This week for the Cool Kids Club, we have our very own ChibiGoku to tackle Gundam Age episode 1 and we go into some general discussion about Gundam, as we mostly due anyways.

Check out this weeks episode HERE!!!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday, October 7, 2011

Evidence #7: The ANIMAG Saga (ANIMAG Issue #10)

Fellers, whats up!

Ok, so yea, its been a couple of months since I've done one of these "show and tell" things on my blog, which was the whole purpose of the blog in the first place. I can give my reasons later (if you even care to hear them) but I do have another "hot off the ancient press" of anime publications of the past. So for this piece of evidence, we have ANIMAG Issue 10.

So without further ado, lets kick this off:

Alright, on this issue we got a big spread of Yamato regarding the series and movies, including some articles from people on the series. Then we got a piece on Gall Force with summeries of the first 3 OVA's then a article on Patlabor. Lets tackle this a bit further shall we...

Here we got our table of contents on whats in this issue, then we have an editorial article by Trish Ledoux (down below is her autograph I got from her at Animazement '09) and then the "Animation Update" regarding info on Gundam F91, an A-ko OVA and Iczer 3.

Here we got some OVA news regarding new releases that were coming out at the time with Mosica"?", High Speed "Jesse" (Jecy actually), just to name a few.

And here is all the articles about Star Blazers/Yamato written by Robert Napton, Arnold Friedman and the interview with Hiroshi Miyagawa by Randall Larson. Lots of info and details for you Yamato fans out there.

Here we got a cover for Gall Force OVA's with Eternal Story, Destruction and Stardust War with mini reviews and cast and crew info to add with it.

Up next we got some Zeta Gundam episode synopsis from 46 to 50 including some info on the mechs themselves. When I had Trish autograph this mag for me she mentioned (I also stated this before in my past reviews but ill say it again) that whatever you read for these episodes is probably different than what happened in the show, due to what she quoted me "We really didn't know what was going on ourselves and translated the show the best we could have during that time". Take into consideration these episodes were reviewed before this series came out to the states some 15 years later. So if there is a mistake hey, dont be to harsh now.


The guys at ANIMAG even did a cover for the Patlabor OVA at the time which has character info, episode synopsis and mech and series timeline info. The only issue here is, they goofed up on Azuma and Ohta pictures next to the character bios. But you die hard fans of Patlabor know who assist Noa and who is the gun crazed Patlabor pilot, so this is there as a bit of a chuckle and thus should be that way.

And of course, what anime magazine isn't complete without some good ol' fashion advertising:

I do wanna say I have some of the tapes that are listed under that "Star Ventures" ad, since they have the only dub of Macross:DYRL the states ever had, as well as Star Warriors, Techno Police (not mentioned is Macron 1). And I like how New Type sells General Products items also (you know, the people who are GAINAX).

So a bit of a story on how I got this, which to make it brief, I found this magazine the same time as the Animerica Bubblegum Crisis mag I showed/reviewed WAYYY back when I started this. I also brought this with me to Animazement the same year to get my BGC mag autographed by Trish Ledoux, which I know ive stated shes a cool person to meet. I of course got this because it had Gall Force and Zeta Gundam no less in the same magazine so that made me flesh out a few extra bucks there. And thats... pretty much it for my back story on how I got this, same comic book shop too.

So, I think thats gonna wrap up this evidence file of anime mags of the past. But if you are looking for some kinda of explanation as to why its taken me so long to do one of these things, here is my excuse (to those who care). I am doing school full time over at Piedmont Technical College on my Digital Rendering/Game Design certificate down here where I live, still looking for a job and will get unemployment (eventually), and been spreading myself out to other podcast on the net. I did a mini review of SPT Layzner for Regan Strongblood over at Anime 82 that should air sometime in the future, I was just on OnePixelJump podcast doing some reviews for Bubblegum Crash, still doing my blog reviews for the AAA Podcast, and keep on working with the changes on the Cool Kids Club podcast to boot. So you could say, im staying busy with all those things that are happening.

So I leave you guys with this, Never Surrender!! Laters...