Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kool Kids Klub Podkast Episode 15: Flashpoint Comic and Victory Gundam review

Hey folks whats happening!

Alright, there is a new(er) episode of the Kool Kids Klub which consist of the Flashpoint comic by DC and a basic Victory Gundam review. Our own co-host Veemon Josh tackles the Flashpoint review and is followed up with myself, Vekou and Jonn as we talk about Victory Gundam for a bit, and we do touch on some side stories of Gundam such as Hathaway Flash and how Captain Bright has a mustache in the novel. Which begs the question, how would Bright look in other mustaches? And as a bonus, we get the Ghost from "Teh Capitalist Radio Pawdcast!!"

Here is this weeks episode: Download Here!

The many faces of Captain Bright in mustaches:

                                                                    Civil War Bright

                                                                        French Bright

                                                                  "Hulkamania" Bright

                                                                      Texan Bright

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Public Access Anime Segment #12: Its a dragoon fest up in here

Hey everyone!

Its another PAA segment with this weeks anime, Panzer Dragoon OVA. This short OVA consist of Dragoons, 90's CGI animation, enjoyable bad dubbing and more Dragoons. Also included with this is some gameplay (in a really crappy format due to internet issues) of Panzer Dragoon Orta for the heck of it.

For the week of July 24th: Panzer Dragoon OVA

And Bonus Clips!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kool Kids Klub Podkast Episode 14: Ogre Slayer review, Duke Nukem Forever, Gundam Sousei, Angel Cop, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Review w/ Bonus!

Hello people!!!

Looks like the gang is back once again to talk about anime, video games and other random stuff. This episode we decided to review the Ogre Slayer OVA and touch on Duke Nukem For(NEVER), Gundam Sousei, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 and dab into the true ending of Angel Cop. This podcast also has the beast of the earth trying to sabotage the Ogre Slayer review since even Satan himself didn't want us to tell the world of this delightful anime, but we weren't gonna have any of that and kept on rolling. Also we have our lost forgotten brief review of Five Star Stories that we briefly talk about that we threw in here as a bonus.

So here it is: Download Here!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kool Kids Klub Podkast Episode 12: E3 talk and Animazement review, and much of nothing after that.

Hey everyone!

So yea, I just realized some podcast I did last month was on the Toon Radio site but wasnt sure if the links were right till recently, or something. But this episode we do our review of E3, making fun of Nintendo, Max Payne and Gearbox love, bashing Konami for not "Transfarring" better games, Gundam Age, Gunpla Builders OVA anime, my review and talk about Animazement 2011, and our co-host ChibiGoku talks about the new PSP and by then, I completely stopped caring. Well... we all did.

Here's Part 1: Download Here

And Part 2: Download Here

Heres product placement:

                                               This video just sums up E3 all together...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Public Access Anime Segment #11: Im gonna hit you with my 3 wood

Hey gang!

Welcome once more as P.A.A shows some more Ogre Slayer OVA's with episode 3 and 4. To finish this gruesome slaying of ogres and women of course, these two episodes has babies being sacrificed, using golf clubs as weapons, ogre moms, japanese servants who get beaten on a daily basis, and good old turn of the century ogre bloodbaths.

For the week of July 10th: Ogre Slayer OVA Episode 3 and 4

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Public Access Anime Segment #10: I gave birth to twin ogres


Eh... that's all I got. Hey everyone, its that segment again where I air average to semi bad anime, and boy oh boy, is this a real kicker. This week for P.A.A We got Ogre Slayer OVA episodes 1 and 2. I've had some stuff here and there to do since I aired the Final Fantasy anime, and with July 4th I was kinda busy, but I am back to showing more stuff so I apologize for the delay, if anyone really cares. So yea, this anime contains anime teen girls who get (almost) raped by ogres, anime teen girls who have the nack for not getting hurt, anime teen girls who give birth to ogres to protect themselves, and eh... some more (ALMOST) rape. Oh yea, and a guy going around with a sword vandalizing Buddha statues, to save the world of course.

So, for the week of July 3rd: Ogre Slayer OVA 1 and 2

... There is one more tape after this with 2 more episodes, if you can get past these first two that is... but this will come at a later time.