Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Evidence #14: (You can still) Rock in Animerica (Animerica Vol. 3 No. 3)

(Drunkenly kicks open the front door)... "HAPPY BIERFDHEY LITTLE GUUUAAIIIYYYY!"

I am not sure that I will be the kinda man in the future to almost show up belated to my own kids birthday party in a drunken manner (but ill be honest, that sounds like something I would totally do), but I decided to take that out on my own website. It was on this day 2 years ago that I created this blog site to post up my publication crap for you guys to see.  I remember telling myself a couple of weeks ago "Oh hey you, you started this blog you made like just about 2 years ago. I need to do something special for it," which... I did have something down for it, and still sorta do. 

I'm not gonna bother to look at what I did last year (finds myself checking the backlog to find an MC Chris video and some words of hope written), but this year I do have something to show. Its been well over a year since I posted an Animerica issue, and its high time I show you one that you guys may enjoy. This was another issue I had Trish Ledoux sign back at Animazement (back in 2009) where I remember us sharing a moment on how much we love the anime on the front cover of this issue. This time, I'm gonna show you the Fatal Fury issue of Animerica, with much needed KICK BACK!!!

Trish, your boss for signing this issue (and you were pretty happy when I showed it to you too), because like all of your issues as the editor, you always had something to say to your readers. And speaking of people who had something to say...

This issue has the interview with Masami Obari, over at his HOUSE OF STYLE!!! This also includes the move list for Terry/Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi and Geese Howard, while Mai Shiranui takes up a corner of a page for teenage/early adult 'fapping' material. Hey, don't be hatin, this is what lonely American otaku had back in the 90's. Those were some hard times, real hard. This also dates this by adding that Terry had a MAKE MY VIDEO contest. Is that a real thing, and does anyone out there have these entries you can post on this blog? I am dead freaking serious, I have to read these. Please, someone say yes to that. I find it funny how they state "young punk Tarantino." I mean, isn't he still one today? Well moving on...

Here we got some reviews regarding Orguss 02, the "Most Dangerous ZeitGeist" himself MD GEIST, Gundam talk (with an article of the upcoming 08th MS Team titled "Gundam Platoon Story"), Akira, Speed Racer and just a chock full of other things you can view. They did a review on Popful Mail, which gee, I wonder if they ever got past the FIRST FREAKING BOSS!! Last time I tried was at my friends work place, and I shut it down after like 20 minutes of trying. As cool as a game as that is, its stupid hard for me, yet my quest still continues to collect as much Working Designs merch as I possibly can. Now lets see some ads...

I should go on record that I own 2 copies of the Fatal Fury on VHS, which I am glad too. And you guys have to get down with that ANIME-NIA ad, you cant pass up them deals. And how can anyone turn down LASERDISC and VHS AT DISCOUNT PRICES!!!  I got's to get me them Robotech on Laserdisc, that's a steal (according to ebay prices, you might do a tad better.) Starblazers on VHS, that is my hookup!!

I should note, I left out the manga stuff from the issue, which was One Pound Gospel and At Nights Dream of Near... Escape because, its kinda too much for me to scan for right now. I think if you guys requested it, I could put it up. But that's all I got for right now. I shouldn't be too long before my next post, and I did better this time than last year, so you gotta give me credit on that. But ill close this out by saying, Come meet the Dawn ITS A BRAND NEW DAY!!!!