Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 36 - Gundam Week V - Gundam Unicorn 4 Review


To close out our 2011 year, we go ahead and end our Gundam month with the latest Gundam Unicorn episode. We have adamantium claws on Zakus, Wolverine Zeon suits, Zakus in castles, Zakus on feddie ships, Zakus just freaking everywhere, Australia being Zaku'ed up, and Zeon making everyone's day... Zaku Style!!!! We also point out that 2011 is the 30th Anniversary of Daicon III, just a FYI for you guys. We are also joined by the Anime Graruru podcast once more to help us out.

Download Episode HERE!!

This show has:

                                           Happy 30th Anniversary Daicon III!!!!

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