Monday, April 2, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 49 - Bubblegum Crisis OVA Review #4 (Part B)

CLOSING TIME, LAST CALL!!!! Our FINAL REVIEW OF BUBBLEGUM CRISIS IS OUT!!!! We cap this review off with the OVA Scoop Chase. This has broken cameras, poor fighting, the after school special of getting fat, and cheering on your girlfriends in hardsuits. We also have poor audio quality (as usual) with some Funky Doll hold music put in, talking about Bubblegum Crisis music and have Bubblegum Crisis music lyrics school debate session throw down as bonus material, and us trying to use your mics as music outlets to be cool. And we mention the Adam Warren BGC comics, and some love for the Warren. All this and more in this episode, thanks for sticking around guys! See you next episode, and BYE BYE MY CRISIS!!

Guest: One Pixel Jump, Amanda and Sean Ryan!!

Download HERE!

This episode has:

God Bless you Adam Warren!!

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