Monday, April 23, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 51 - Hunger Games n' Nashicon Talkback

To kick off our bi-weekly podcast schedule, Me and Jonn rant/discuss the Hunger Games movie/series, which also gets us into what transpired at Nashicon 2012. Also added with this show we mention things like the Aliens/Predator movies, shows from the 90's, bad 80's movies on Netflix, trying to find food at the con, talking about voice actors who get kicked form cons and much more. We also have discussions on movies, games and anime me and Steve have been keeping up with. I also mention Mighty Rabbit Studios "Saturday Morning RPG", you should totally get it. Join the gang and our secret silent guest Cloud in this weeks installment, enjoy the show.


This show has:

This is my brother, you can never be as awesome as he is in his tight womanz shirt!!!!

Say high to this guy at Animazement for me will yea!!
I swear the guy in the middle was Daryl Surat when I first saw him.


  1. Hahaha im the token black chick!

  2. 1 down, 2 to go.

    Hope you enjoy the podcast!!!!