Monday, March 26, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 48 - Bubblegum Crisis OVA Review Week #4 (Part A)

Our Final WEEK!!!! This is the big one, the grand finale in our Bubblegum Crisis review month. We also went ahead and split this up into 2 episodes as well since it was a rather long recording. We talk about the OVA "Double Vision," which has Genom land, revenge fueled pop singers, engrish texan signs, spider tanks, and horny old men. I also fill the end with some music, go fig. We also talk about things like Texas, the St. Patricks Day tradition, songs from the 90's and Street Fighter quotes along with bad audio and poppy hold music. Join the gang with One Pixel Jump, Amanda and (SUPER SECRET SPECIAL GUEST PODCAST GRANDMASTA) Sean Ryan from the Alpha Counter/Method to Madness Podcast. All this and more in this weeks episode.


QUICK EDIT!!!!: I forgot to mention this is our one year anniversary podcast since we first started this. I wasn't there when the first 3 or so episodes were out but I made my mark on episode 4. So glad I remembered this.

This show has:

"Fill your eyes.... with.... Double Vision" (it is sad we did not mention this on the podcast, I am sorry.)


  1. Where might I procure some of these fine movies?

  2. You can get the whole DVD set from AnimEigo for like 35 bucks: