Monday, March 5, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 45 - Bubblegum Crisis Review #2

Welcome once again to this weeks adventure through the Mega Tokyo slums, filled with the corpses of fallen ADP officers and outrider bike gangs as this week we take on the 3rd and 4th Bubblegum Crisis OVA's "Blow Up" and "Revenge Road". This has AD Police helicopters (getting es'ploded), ricing up your super car for revenge on the interstate, no protection paintballing, getting evicted by the corporations, and bad internet connection skype problems. I was ...maybe (if THAT) in this episode about half the time, while the other half was me getting a sledgehammer threatening to trash my internet modem, as I had internet problems this episode. Luckly, I have One Pixel Jump, Amanda and the crew to keep this review going as the "Battle of the Internet" raged on in my apartment, but it wasn't without me hearing some snide remarks from the crew in my absence when I went to edit this episode. But I gotta say, thank you guys!!!! All this and more in this weeks episode, enjoy!


This show has:

Ill be honest, this is about how I felt that night. But, my computer (and the apartment) is all in one piece.

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