Monday, March 12, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 46 - Bubblegum Crisis Review #3 (Part A)

Welcome Back! In this week episode, we actually took one episode and broke that up into two parts for this segment. With this being Part A, we discuss Bubblegum Crisis OVA Moonlight Rambler. This has vampire boomers, boomers named after dogs, boomers dressed like Two Face, and boomers that can blow up the whole world!! We also have a roundtable discussion about BGC Fanfiction (and some fanfiction in general) from Amanda, then we make mention to things like Twilight (which is not compared to this episode AT ALL!!!!), Evangelion, school shootings, robberies, Masami Oobari, Kawajiri, Lord of the Rings, Snatcher, me mispronouncing Anri, and more!!!! Join the crew with our guest One Pixel Jump and Amanda Stair Duran.


This show has:

"It always puts you in a good mood!"

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