Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So as of 2 days ago, this blog is celebrating its one year on the internet, and I have to say... I am kinda impressed by the traffic over the past year and content. This didn't turn out to be a blog that would keel over and die, because I made sure that it wouldn't.

So what do I have for plans for the next year... not a darn clue. I keep traffic to it with my current activities on the podcast, me whoring myself out there for attention and showing past publications of anime fandom over the past decade(s). I hope to keep getting more stuff in, because I need to get around to getting more and showing more to you viewers out there. I appreciate all the love (and loath the hate, if there is any) that the people show when they come to this side of the net. I hope to keep meeting more people through podcasting and social networking since that is how I meet my guest for the podcast.

So really thank you to all of you who stick with this blog, because its 1:15 on the A.M.'s and I am tired and got school work up the butt to do in the next few days, and it didn't help that I have been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution since I got home 4 some hours ago when I could have been using that time for more productive things like editing a podcast or doing some school work, oh well. Peace out to you and see you next time!!!!

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