Monday, February 6, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 41 - Crusher Joe OVA Review

Muchos Gracias Hombres!!

Our AnimEigo train has taken us to the far reaches of space and into some trouble with the space law, as we do hard time in Crusher Joe "Ice Prison" OVA. This has annoying robots, beach planet resorts, chicks with star nipples, machine gun hands, space lasers, annoying co-workers and Space AMERICA!!!! We also mention a few things like 50's Robots, Japanese metal bands, Odin: Starlight Mutany, Indian water rights, Funi suing ADV (or whats left) with CRUSSSSSSSSSHHHHHes added in, and so much more. Oh, and ChibiGoku has been killed off the show for some time, just FYI.

Special Guest Jeff from the Anime Graruru Podcast!!!!

Download HERE!!!!

This show has:

Space America...E'fffffffffff YEA!!!!

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