Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 44 - Bubblegum Crisis Review #1


Welcome back! Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the classic cyberpunk anime classic, Bubblegum Crisis! We at the podcast decided to dedicate a whole month to Bubblegum Crisis, with stories of fandom, fanfiction, "by ear" stories heard at cons over the years, and for us to pick on the anime a bit (regarding the AD Police and Mackie of course). We start out on how we came to watch and love this beloved OVA series and what made us the fans we are today, then we go into tangents of the anime and just have fun with it, since the OVA series is a lot of fun regardless. We talk about the first 2 OVA's, Tinsel City and Born to Kill. We are joined by Jeff of Anime Graruru, One Pixel Jump and "all around" BGC fangirl herself, Amanda Stair (Duran). Hope you enjoy, and more to come


This show has:

Kinuko Oomori... the Japanese Pop Rock Goddess... of Rock!!!!

My personal ramblings: (When I came to this podcast, this was really the number one thing I wanted to talk about and discuss more than anything, but I wanted to do it right with the right people involved. Now, this is the perfect time to talk about this anime with whatever experience I have picked up being a podcaster in the past 40 some episodes I have been with the show. My greatest wish on this is to do this OVA justice and pay its dues to the anime community.)

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