Monday, February 13, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 42 - Crusher Joe OVA 2 Review, Mailbag


We broke out of the Ice Prison and found ourselves on a jungle planet full of microbots or whatever in this weeks review of Crusher Joe OVA: The Ultimate Weapon. This has corrupt politicians, women trying to take charge, a big bomb, some robots and tanks, 'sabout it. Actually, this OVA wasn't that great, so much to the point we decided to talk about other stuff like the Dirty Pair, Call of Duty vs Battlefield 3, AnimeCon 91 on Youtube, movies and video games with much more, and hold music since we had a call drop. We even hit up our Mailbag again with the return of SPACE SHAFT SUCKA and other peoples problems. Special Guest Stephen from Jade Phoenix joins us with mic troubles, so sit back and enjoy. We also warn about our next episode...

Download HERE!!!!

This show has:

Well played Kenichi Sonoda... well played...


  1. Where's CG? He's my favorite! He'd better come back from his home planet in the next episode!

  2. Oh, he makes his return the next episode, but that was a bad idea we have come to find out.