Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Public Access Anime Segment #10: I gave birth to twin ogres


Eh... that's all I got. Hey everyone, its that segment again where I air average to semi bad anime, and boy oh boy, is this a real kicker. This week for P.A.A We got Ogre Slayer OVA episodes 1 and 2. I've had some stuff here and there to do since I aired the Final Fantasy anime, and with July 4th I was kinda busy, but I am back to showing more stuff so I apologize for the delay, if anyone really cares. So yea, this anime contains anime teen girls who get (almost) raped by ogres, anime teen girls who have the nack for not getting hurt, anime teen girls who give birth to ogres to protect themselves, and eh... some more (ALMOST) rape. Oh yea, and a guy going around with a sword vandalizing Buddha statues, to save the world of course.

So, for the week of July 3rd: Ogre Slayer OVA 1 and 2

... There is one more tape after this with 2 more episodes, if you can get past these first two that is... but this will come at a later time.

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