Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kool Kids Klub Podkast Episode 14: Ogre Slayer review, Duke Nukem Forever, Gundam Sousei, Angel Cop, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Review w/ Bonus!

Hello people!!!

Looks like the gang is back once again to talk about anime, video games and other random stuff. This episode we decided to review the Ogre Slayer OVA and touch on Duke Nukem For(NEVER), Gundam Sousei, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 and dab into the true ending of Angel Cop. This podcast also has the beast of the earth trying to sabotage the Ogre Slayer review since even Satan himself didn't want us to tell the world of this delightful anime, but we weren't gonna have any of that and kept on rolling. Also we have our lost forgotten brief review of Five Star Stories that we briefly talk about that we threw in here as a bonus.

So here it is: Download Here!!!