Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Evidence #15: The ANIMAG Saga (Issue #8)

Sorry for the delay guys, but I do have a new piece of the past to show.

So I know its been a while (about 4 months, which is double than what I wanted to go for), and my only excuse this time is school, work and life (it’s the typical fallback excuse everyone gives these days, but it’s a solid one). I am finishing up this summer at my community college to get ready to enroll and get in student loan debt (hopefully not) at Anderson University in South Carolina. As for work I am doing a graphic design internship at my local newspaper for the summer, which is sweet sub-contracted work. Also, I have failed to mention that I put my spare efforts into the newest podcast my co-host and I have started, The Anime of Yesteryear Podcast, which has been going nicely since the beginning of the year. But, its high time I show you more publications of the past, so here we go.

I originally wanted to put this out about the middle or end of May, but held off because I was going to Animazement, which had someone who I have mentioned countless times when I post these issues. It was cool seeing Trish Ledoux and her husband Toshifumi Yoshida at this years con, which was another reason for me to harass them for autographs and catching up (since its been like 3 years since I last saw her.) I had her sign one of her old Animag publications back in the day, which you may know off hand who these damsels of destruction are… because THEY’RE THE LOVELY ANGELS DAMMIT!!!

Trish gives her thoughts on translation work back in the late 1980’s. Its funny how she makes a mention on “those” people who do translation work regarding to them as purist. I say its funny, because you got people likethese that are still out there. I guess something will never change. I had both Toshi and Trish sign this issue at the most recent Animazement.

Here is the synopsis for Holy Machine Beast SaiGuard (which we all knew later was Cybernetics Guardian from CPM). If you ever wanted to watch a dumb, forgetful and semi boring Koichi Ohata anime, this is it. And below that is animation news, which is whatever TV series were coming out in the later part of 1989 (I believe) and what US Renditions was going to put out, namely Gunbuster and Dangaio. If you have seen the past post on this website, about a good chunk of those magazine ads are for these two series from US Renditions. I still wanna get the rest of Dangaio on VHS to go with my USR vol. 1 copy.

Above are the write-ups for Dirty Pair and The Five Star Stories. I do own Project Eden and the OVA’s on VHS, but I have not seen Affair on Nolandia (which I have heard was the weakest of the animations, but could be wrong), which ill get around to watching one day. I have seen the first 2 of the OVA’s, which its just an enjoyable, incoherent roller coaster to watch (come to think of it, I think there was a call back to the mine cart chase from Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom in the first OVA. That and surfing on lava to get to the prison). They also do a very good write up on the world of Five Star Stories, since it is a rather unique and diverse universe to begin with. 

Here we got write ups on the Yotoden (aka Wrath of the Ninja), Hades Project Zeorymer and episode synopsis for Zeta Gundam. 

Here we got the Product watch, which I kinda want my hands on that SD Gundam Famicom game (not like I don’t have any to begin with). I know I have said this before, but it does need saying again, you kids need to stop complaining over anime being too high. I hate giving these “back in my day” speeches, but its true. They listed that Gunbuster and Dangaio are 35 bucks a tape, and that is for ONE FRIGGEN EPISODE!! Back then, that was as good as its gonna get. There is also an article on making a resin kit, which I am guessing back then, everyone needed help with that. 

This is a pretty interesting article by Fredrick Schodt on Go Nagai. It’s kinda sad that he didn’t get to ride a bike for long, but were not all perfect. I really wanna see these wedding invitations he made, especially about sexy flower women taking his bride away. Does anyone out there have a scan of this?

And of course, I end everything with product placement of 1989 for otakus. I don't think your ever going to see Kaneda's bike from Akira that low in todays ebay market. I would love to have that with the McFarlane Akira figures I own. 

And that concludes this segment of the blog. I know my intended goal is to do these once every other month, but with school (mostly) that put that on hold, and I was kinda lazy and preoccupied with other things. I guess you can't blame me for that too badly. I will shoot to try and get one out before I start university, but until then, I gotta work on holding onto that vision...


  1. THX for new post guy. I am from Russia and i like riding about old school anime. Because i watching some of them in 90's

  2. thx for this post, can you also post the issue 11 of this magazine (animag vol.1) thx :)