Monday, January 30, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 40 - Riding Bean / Final Fantasy XIII 2 Review

Hey Guys!!!!

We got more anime titles from AnimEigo for you guys to listen to, in this week we talk about the best OVA of all time, Riding Bean!!!! This has Guns, Cars, Girls, Girls in Cars shooting Guns, Fumanchu's in cars, and kevlar everything. I also talk about my other favorite anime/manga series Gunsmith Cats on the side, since they both coincide with each other. Then we got ChibiGoku and our guest Tony (alias KuwabaraTheMan) to review and talk a bunch on Final Fantasy XIII-XX2, Dos Equis DOS!!!! This is like, hour and a half something, so it's longer than the usual episodes.

Download Here!!!!

This show has!!

                                          "Bean, Your the best drag racer I'd Evah SEEN!!"

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