Monday, January 16, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 38 - Baoh and Gundam Games Review

Hiya Kids!!

Were back again for another segment of the Cool Kids Club, where we go into the old and abandoned anime library that was once AnimEigo as we decide to review BAOH!!!! This has blue hair teens, psychic native americans, skin being turned into silly putty, and breaking dark thunder! I also mention Gundam games in my possession and do a brief review of those at the end (I forgot to mention that I had Gundam: Encounters in Space game on that list, really fun game too. ANNND the Gundam Wing fighting game for the Super Famicom also). We are joined by Steve, who appears to be our official newest member to the podcast.

Download Here!!

This episode has:
                                           Why you should go watch Baoh right now!!!!

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