Monday, January 23, 2012

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 39 - Metal Skin Panic Madox-01, Mailbox Review

Sup Guys!!!

Another week, another review on this AnimEigo train where we talk about Metal Skin Panic Madox 01. This has robutts, spunky robot girl pilots, tank commanders pissed at robots, Halo game mechanics, and girls going to england. We also mention things like Miyazaki Birthday, The Wonder Years on Netflix, Seishun Shitemasu people, and some other stuff, and the mailbag.

Download HERE!!!!

This show has:

                                           The Greatest song in the WORLD!!!! (Yes, I put this up)

UPDATE: We are officially on the blog section of, which hopefully, maybe, one day, we will move from the blog to the actual site because those people there might think were cool or something, who knows.

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