Friday, November 25, 2011

Evidence #8: The Colony Drop Zine


Ok so, it has been a while since I put up anything "magazine" related, I admit that. But, I do have something that is recent that I wanted to show off that EVERYONE OUT THERE EVER SHOULD GET THIS!!!! This is the Colony Drop Zine (Issue 1 I suppose)

Here is a bit of what a "Colony Drop" is. Colony Drop is a fun little blog about a bunch of guys who review obscure anime, common anime, news in the industry and there take of what the industry is screwing up on in today's world. To make Colony Drop just a bit more than the average anime-rant-and-rave blog out there, they wanted to do something so off the wall, somewhat bizarre in today's blog and publishing world, the only reason they did it is because "we think this is a cool thing so eff off weeaboo's." They wanted to make a "zine," which is something that doesn't really need a reason to be done in the past 20 or so years. But this zine is really a throwback to the "older generation" of American anime fandom with interviews of people who would volunteer at local cons, who helped published fanzines and kept up with them, and people who can draw really good fan art in a zine... for once. So I give you, the Colony Drop Fanzine:

So we got our intro page, with a little excerpt on the top left from the staff there reasons in making this, which is to not relive the past, but to make sure people were reminded of it.

Here is a bit on a Bubblegum Crash game by David Cabrera, and how his love for a pink haired cyber hacker from the future was turned around for him with one badly done PC Engine game.

Matt Schley gives his view on what Carl Macek was able to do to the anime industry in the early days.

Some Dirty Pair fanart by Mark McKenzie.

This is Dave Merrill P.O.V on the "behind the scenes" view of the fanzine world that dominated the underground reports of anime before people in the states got ANIMAG and Animerica to do all the work.

This is a bit by Tim Maughan on somethings about the anime world in the United Kingdom and perhaps Europe during the same time.

Here is a ad for the Votoms guide by none other than "great Votoms fan himself," Tim Eldred.

This is pretty much the fanfic/novelization of the "Riding Bean" OVA, which by reading it, just makes Riding Bean sound like a more amazing anime in it of itself.

And some more glorious fanart by McKenzie... with a grand shot of Char on the can.

I was going to make this a short and sweet fun little post. And this isn't the whole fanzine, because I want you people to go and support this. I know I am a person that likes to show everything, but unlike my magazine reviews, this is something you can get your hands on (provided by the link above). So yea, support these people. I did submit something for the next issue, so I have no clue if they will publish my content or not, but here is hoping.

Well, hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, see you next time!!!!


  1. On Nicovideo there is a video playthrough of the BGC! PC-Engine game. Nothing special. Most of it are talking heads and a one single turn-based combat against Lando and his men at the end. The plot is a rehash of Illegal Army.

  2. Sure.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3: