Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 30 - Fist of the North Star TV, Gears 3 and Chris Chan review

Hey gang!

The Cool Kids Club isn't out of the post-apocalypse just yet as this episode is titled "Death To Ears 2: Are Listeners are already DEAD!!!!" Since we must defeat our rival brothers in the Fist of the North Star TV, we cover up to about episode 40. Along with that, I give my brief review of Gears of War 3, then we explore the world of Chris Chan and this other guy I mentioned about (in my research, this blog reported he made another blog here, and you can find some good quotes here too). All and more are on the link.

Download Here!

This episode has:

                    "Watcha wait'in fer boy? Go out der and get dem vids offa dam internets!"

URGENT!!!!! Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I do make the attempt to throw (ok more like whore) myself out there for attention. But I made an appearance on GunDamn Podcast and did the the final episode review of Bubblegum Crash (AND BURN) for the One Pixel Jump Podcast also, so give those a look at.

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