Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 29 - Fist of the North Star Movie Review

Hey Everyone!!!!

Were back to our newest adventure with our new Fist episode titled: "Death To Ears: The Podcast of the North Star! Death To all in its Grasp!!" This episode we discuss the anime movie of Fist of the North Star, full of ATATATATATATATATATATATA's to knock you till next centuries with razor cutting fighting speeds, crucified women, using your biceps to crush statue heads, mid air men fighting on mid air horses, Mad Max biker gangs and getting back your woman from your back-stabbing karate best friend.

Oh yea... Spoiler alert BTW!!

You can find the episode HERE!!

This episode has:

                                                 EVERYTHING EVER MADE EVER!!!!

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  1. I like how the trailer has a list of who is fighting who.