Friday, August 5, 2011

Kool Kids Klub Podkast Episode 16: Good 'Ol General Discussion

People of Earth!!!!

I bid you welcome to another new episode of the Kool Kids Klub. This is our general discussion episode where its full of rantings fueled with stupid business practices, Gundam rantings and what we've been into. Our topics include such things as we discuss a little of Hathaway's Flash, Tomino's final word about G Savior, my current viewing of Fist of the North Star, Dragonball Z talk about the tv show/manga/toys which takes us into Toei current business practices about how there gonna make money forever, Shonen Jump stuff, mention Trigun for a bit, talk about manga series like Beserk and Gunsmith Cats, and a hint mention for next weeks topic, Doozy Bots!

You can find the episode here: DOWNLOAD!!!!

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