Friday, August 19, 2011

Update: Sell out, with me OH YEAAHH

So yea, I am selling out the blog, yerp.

As you can see, I have made some "modifications" to the blog. I have some sponsors now, because you need to give them all of your money so that revenue can come back to me. I really wanted to do it to make some cash on the side, and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not here to sell you an Avon kit or a Ferrari spark plug (I would be surprised if someone reading this blog owed a Ferrari. I'd think that would be pretty cool.) It's kinda there to find things more easier if you see something I reviewed and want to buy it, if its available of course. Just wanted to try something different, and thought that it couldn't hurt.

Also in other news, I am going to be using my vast review knowledge of anime (and maybe other things) on the Anime Addicts Anonymous Podcast (or AAA for short) reviewing OVA's I've happen to see and own and to let the masses know. I didn't think I would get the position but its pretty cool that I did. My first review is on Sol Bianca OVA which after hearing the news I was going to be a blogger, I was up till about 2am writing the review. I am going to keep my reviewing on their site and keep the same things going on this one, but who knows that might change.

Thats its for this update, now if you'll excuse me, I got some corporate shoe shining to do!

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