Sunday, March 13, 2011

Public Access Anime Segment #2: Where there is girls, guns are soon to follow

Hello again internet world!!!!

I'm back again with another week of streaming some (not so) good anime on Public Access Anime as this months theme is titled "Girls, Guns n' the Law" as we showcase some of those ladies in uniform with guns, or just girls with guns. I mean, does it really matter what side they are on?

For the week of March 13th, we have Burn Up OVA

Also as an added bonus, I did some gameplay of Another Century Episode R for the PS3. For the used copy I paid for, must say it has all I need for a mech game.

As for content update, that is soon to come. Still waiting on some things or might have to push things aside for other stuff, I will have to see. Till next time, see you then!!!!


  1. I remember really wanting the soundtrack for the Burn Up OVA... never ever tracked it down.

  2. Someone posted it up on Youtube a while ago: