Friday, March 25, 2011

Evidence #3: Scramble Wars Soundtrack: Special stuff by Special Guest!!!!

Hello again internet world!!!!

Remember a while back I stated I was gonna introduce someone and their stuff on here and had something of a build up to that. Well, this is kinda that post, sorta. I've been kinda waiting on one thing from her for a while and I'm not sure when shes gonna get done with that, but she did give me some other cool stuff that I will post over time. So this is a little shall you say "chips and salsa" to go with your full course hispanic dinner entree of anime goodness. And yes, I did just compare spanish food with anime, deal with it.

But what will I post today you ask? (as if my title has nothing to say about it) Glad you said that too yourself, because I can't hear you from where I am at. So what I wanna share is the Scramble Wars OST. I don't have alot of information with it other than some pics and some tracks I can post up for you the listeners. So here is the image of the cover:

From what I can tell its the Scramble Wars Doki Doki Paradise soundtrack. These tracks include artist such as Naoko Matsui, Michie Tomizawa, Chieko Honda and many more (that have not been uploaded so far). Here is the youtube track listing thus far:

Naoko Matsui - Still
Michie Tomizawa - What do you wanna do
Chieko Honda - Dream Nisei-gou ni Notte

So yea, this is my update on more stuff to cover whats to come...with more stuff.

 Kanji reads: " Amanda san e." Autographed by: Noriko Hidaka

So who is this person I'm talking about? Well, I'd like to introduce you to Amanda Stair Duran, Bubblegum Crisis Fan-fic writer and mega fan to boot!! When I came across Alt.Fan.BGCrisis back in 2009 or so, I meet some really cool fans from this usenet/google groups discussion place and came across Amanda, which is someone I find very special not only as a fan but as a person too. She's been a BGC fan since mid 1990's or so from getting into anime from her brother and her friends which led her to BGC. She also started to dive into fanfiction towards the late 90's by doing her stories of not only the Knight Sabers, but Priss's daughter, Yumeko. What I also found out about her is she is a Columbine High Massacre survivor and witnessed the events first hand. I have noticed she has put her personal feelings from that event into her writing and the personal events that took place after that. I am really glad that she did survive and got past the events that followed, otherwise I would have never got to know her as a fan and I wouldn't be doing this intro about her and posting her stuff up for the world to see (not to sound like a jerk, but her stuff is pretty sweet : ) ). So, that is my personal intro to our special guest on this blog in short.

Here is her main fanfiction website with information to all of her writing material: The Adventures of Yumeko Asagiri!!

She also does a forum with other fans from Alt.Fan.BGCrisis and some new people as well: Girls of Genaros

Well, I think that about covers it for this segment. Comments are down below, cookies are still fresh on the table and plenty to go around. So I depart now saying, Never say Die, Iron Otaku!!!

UPDATE (4/24/2018): Seeing how in the past year on the comments i've had two people mention they wanted this album, I finally got all the songs from Amanda and put them on a Mega link for you guys to listen too. Also late RIP shout outs too Chieko Honda and Hiromi Tsuru since they both passed away since this blog post was first written, so a bit of history there when listening to their voices in the early days, darn good sounding ones as well.

Link (copy/paste in browser):!QpkCBJSQ
Passcode: !fxxL-usEWfCPHQ0l6zNc1g


  1. This isn't the soundtrack, but an image song collection. The soundtrack was released separately. There's also a Scramble Wars audio drama.

  2. already is too hard find this stuff, do you can make posible upload aleast -FIN- from Noriko HIdaka? or tell me where find the cd or media available. plz.

    1. The person who uploaded those songs on YT had their channel taken down a couple of years back. If anything she would still have that CD. Im thinking the best bet is from either or digging deep within the web of other bloggers who have this soundtrack on their own sites. Bakabt might have an upload but i'm not sure. If there's a way I can contact you on your profile I can see if i can get intouch with the person who had these songs uploaded on YT.

    2. Thanks, I'll try surf on the deep, torrents threads without results...also I've search stores from Japan but nothing. well for contact about novelty is to, I hope to have results in the future, see ya.

    3. I still do wonder, even 7 years after the publication of this post, is there any chance that you will upload the songs on this album? Eagerly waiting for you to answer :)

    4. I sent the person a msg on Facebook about it, so well see what she says. She may comment on here with a link if that helps you guys out.

    5. Thank you so much man, much appreciated!

    6. Post has been updated with link and passcode, just copy/paste the link in the browser to pull up. Enjoy!

    7. The both of you guys have really made my day. Seriously, thank you a whole lot. Not to sound greedy, but just wondering if your friend also has the original soundtrack? Promise that that's my last message, won't bother you anymore! :)

    8. Amanda says she has the others, but I won't get those for a while since shes going on vacation. When she gets back i'll get those in, and i'll just make a blog post about it. So stay tuned for that.