Friday, December 4, 2015

It's official, we're on Tumblr now!!!

The idea of putting this blog on Tumblr has been on my mind for... a really long time. So, I'd figured it was high time it gets done. The way I figure, it couldn't hurt to get more traffic to the site and get some fresh faces to check out whats here. The only problem about that is, if you can guess, is how often and consistent I will update the site in which those updates go to Tumblr. I guess I am so lazy enough that if I do not find the time to find a blogspot/tumblr plug in, then I will forget to post up stuff on the Tumblr site. Knowing me, it will be a reality. But hey, lets just see how this goes, couldn't hurt.

Here is the Tumblr page for this blog, and I will make a side link on the page so people can get to it also: Anime of Yesteryear Blog:

In terms of posting, I might do something for Christmas. I did get some recent goodies, so well see if any of that makes the list. Plus, I have my old stuff when I was in high school to scan, so that might make the cut next time, but we shall see. Take care everyone, and Marry Christmas!!!

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