Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Evidence #18: TurboForce Vol. 3 (Jan 1993)

Happy New Year guys!!

Now that were in the New Year, and who knows when i'll post again, I might as well put in my blog time to get things started. So, let's kick off things with a magazine that just turned 21 today, as we get to party with the TurboForce magazine!!

The story on how I got this issue (well, 2 issues to be exact) takes us back to Animazement 2013. With the game rooms set up in the Marriott hotel across the street from the convention center, I decided to browse the rooms and check out what they got while snapping some pictures. Then lo' and behold, there I saw some video game magazines sitting on a table in the retro console room. I decided to just shuffle through to see what they had, and that's when I came across this magazine and decided to cycle through it. Little did I know, this was the issue that had a write up cover of Bubblegum Crisis that I saw on the internet a couple of years prior on the internet, or at least a screen cap/ what someone said about it. Also to my surprise, there were 2 COPIES of this thing. So I picked up the issue, plus some issues of Weekly Famitsu (which I could post on this site one day in the future... maybe) and went up to the guys who were running the game room. I asked if these were on sale or if I could purchase these issues from them, and they told me "Hey there free, pick a few that you like." And with a humble "YOU BET SIR!" attitude, I got the magazines that caught my eye and walked outta there with a great score.

So with that, I am going to show you what this issue of TurboForce has in store, so lets take a look:

Oh boy, the way things were advertised in the 90's and how they priced things. It seems quite clear that when it comes to products being advertised in the 1990's, they used the tactic of "Hey! You There! You're a gamer right? You're not that good at math or money, am I right? That's why you should give us your money to get this system, because you don't know what money is or how to manage currency well. But that's ok cool guy, we get it. And by get it, I mean get this system!" You can find this tactic that companies like Tiger and Atari were so so guilty of using, and look how they turned out. All in all, people who bought this spent way to much on something NOBODY ELSE HAD!!!!

This was the BGC write-up I was talking about that I heard about on the "net" a couple of years ago. It seems like when I first read this, they wrote it like Nene was the main character of this whole anime series based on what it seems to be that they watched the last OVA and were like "Oh hey, this is all of BGC that we need to put in an anime review. We got this guys!" I actual talked about this issue with the guy who runs BanzaiCon this past year and he mentioned in conversation how he had first heard of Bubblegum Crisis from reading this issue of TurboForce. So, despite that this might be a hack review 21 years later, at least it got people interested in watching this anime. And I hope they wern't disappointed to find that Nene wasn't the main star.

I have only heard of this movie being mentioned on the Adult Swim one shot pilot "Welcome to Eltingville." But, who knows if i'll ever see this piece of cinema in my life. But hey... things can happen, and they usually do.

To show the "knowledge" of anime at the time, these writers must have never seen Patlabor before. Because, correct me if i'm wrong on this, the CGI Ingram never, NEVER transforms into a CGI race car in the entire series/OVA/movies/manga/novels. I believe i'm good on this fact. However, could it have been possible? Hey, in 10 years, who knows?

I think that about covers it. I do plan on putting something out for the 3rd anniversary of this site, so stay tuned for that (as long as I don't forget.) So with a new year, new changes await... or maybe some things!!!

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  1. That Patlabor piece is downright hilarious.