Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A.O.Y. Special: Anime Shuwag!!!

I wanted to share a few things on what I got at the con and while I was around town, so here you go:

Riding Bean Cell:

SPT Layzner Poster:

Evangelion 2.0 Poster:

Anime Laserdisk:

The AD Police gotta Boomer!

And a rockin Duke Nukem Forever figure I had to get at Toys R Us (and Priss would agree):

Speaking of Priss, there was a BGC cell I would have loved to have, but man. Lets be honest here, wither they be animated or in the real world, women cost to much money, am I right guys?

Should I have gotten you, my love?

Well, I'll see yea guys soon, I always have something to share!!!!

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