Friday, May 15, 2015

Pre - Animazement 2015 Post: This Site Credibility is Totally Legit...

I know that just about every single post on this blog is dedicated to scanning and uploading my personal collection, followed by my lack of interesting opinions for certain columns, but I thought I would share this with you today. With a week away from Animazement 2015 to again make its mark on Raleigh NC (and my roughly 6 hour drive to get there), I occurred to me that on a random youtube search for "trish ledoux animazement," I came across a video someone did of one of her and Toshifumi Yoshida Saturday panel from last year's Animazement that my magazines were featured in this video.

To sum up the story, I usually bring a handful of Animag or Animerica stuff for Toshi and Trish to autograph every year if there at the convention, and last year I was willing enough to have them use some of the issues I had as a prop for one of their panels. I'm just happy that it was featured in someones video that was literally a few feet from me on the first row with out me ever knowing about it till today. Even though this isn't a full panel video, it does briefly explain Toshi and Trish back story on how they got into the anime industry.If you want more on my convention report from last year, here is my podcast episode about it. See you guys in a while, because I'll have plenty to scan...


  1. One of the few smaller events to have GoHs from Japan on a regular basis. Sadly, I no longer know anyone willing to ride 8 hours to do fandom stuff in NC.

  2. Oh yea, the con seems to be a regular vacation spot for the regulars like Han, Nakao, Trish and Toshiba including a few more I can't think of at the moment.They are at least a con that works for those who are not able to attend big cons on the east coast, and I know they broke 10k in attendance last year.

    So are you from outside of NC?

  3. I'm in northern OH, so Animazement and Otakon are about the same distance. Chicago is a bit closer, but anime events there have deteriorated.