Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Evidence #13: Protoculture Addicts Issue 7 (April 1990)

Happy New Years guys!!

Ok, I did say I would "try" and put out and issue by Christmas. Well, that didn't happen due to me wasting investing time into Skyrim and being gone for Texas to see relatives for a week and a half. I'm on break from school till that kicks back up in a couple of weeks, and we got or official first episode out on The Anime of Yesteryear Podcast. With that being said, its time for me to post more relics on this site for you guys to see.

This is the second issue coming from Protoculture Addicts, which has articles on Robotech, Toren Smith, editorials and reviews of whatever was popular for these writers back in the day. So without further "adieu," i'm going to shut up and start posting pictures.

I think these letters are fascinating to read, especially if you look at it in hindsight being today's anime fan from 22 years ago. The writer of the last segment pretty much states what has been happening to anime since Robotech, and that is "Americanizing it." The comment about Robotech fans not liking any other anime is really the same of today's anime fans who give Naurto (now back on Adult Swim/Toonami) and Bleach huge viewer ratings because that is all they know, and the fanbase is back to give the network bigger numbers. That same thinking is why today's fans give the "best Japan has to offer" title to Naruto, just like how they thought Robotech was big stuff. That guy is EH-OK in my book. Lets see what else we got...

This image above has some people that were heavily involved (and still are) into the anime communities these days. One of them has his own Lets Anime blog, and the other (used to be) in charge of starblazers.com. See if you guys can figure out who is who?

This also had stats for the Robotech RPG game, or for those who played it (which I gotta assume, a lot of people did back then).

Here you got some Megazone 23 Part 3 image transfers from probably Laserdisc or VHS, or whatever format the PA staff had at their disposal at the time.

Here we got an interview with Toren Smith, who is known back then for being a manga translator and living at the Gainax house at one point. This Wiki will tell you what you need to know.

Here we got a huge article on Akira, because this film was enormously famous for good reason back in the day (and today, still is). This is pretty much a written article about what happens in the film, because no one knew how to pirate movies for large illegal distribution back then, unlike today.

Here you got anime reviews, and how Right Stuf was able to save Astro Boy from extinction back in 1990. And they, we got ads of Gunbuster and Dangaio from US Renditions for great deals on VHS tapes.

And... that pretty much concludes our look back into the past for now. I always say I'll post more magazines and issues, but time has a way of slipping by when other things are going on. I'm at least sticking with this and getting something out than letting this site be extinct, so that has to count for something.

I will try and shoot (no promises), to have something out on the second anniversary of this site. And Ill post up episode updates from the new podcast also, so you guys check that out too. Well, here's to 2013, and Happy New Year!!!!

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