Friday, July 20, 2012

Evidence #11: PLAYER ONE! (GAME ON! Vol. 1, No. 1)

Hey gang, I know its been a long time...

Sorry about the absence, but I have a new piece of publishing past ready to go for you guys, only this time, it's more game related. I have been wanting to post one of these issues since I started this blog, only to to say to myself "Nah, maybe next time ill do it." Well, that next time has came at last, with the first ever issue published. I picked up a lot of magazines when I took my trip to Raleigh back at the end of April for the ECGC (which got me to miss out on this years Animazement), and I have enough of these things to last for a good amount of time, well, at least how I have been putting these magazines on the net for you guys to see.

Let's kick this off: GAME ON! is done by the same people who are behind ANIMAG and Animerica ( which I mean Trish Ledoux and Toshifumi Yoshida were editors on this) which I would have to assume that with a successful mid 90's anime magazine company, why not cover more than anime (I assume that was how this got started)? This first issue covers things like Street Fighter, Ryu vs Terry Bogard, games out on the Sega Saturn, and a bit more which are just small articles. The rest is 2 manga excerpts from a Cammy Manga and Samurai Shodown Manga, which take up I have to save over half of this magazine. I guess its video game related, so its not all that bad right?

It is pretty much a side magazine under Animerica I would have to take a good stab assumption at. But this wasn't something that was thrown away in a few issues, this actually had a life span to it. I have some other issues but I really can't recall if its structured the same way as issue one here, which I have to say probably not.

If you are wondering why it took me so long to post something magazine related in about 3 months, I can give a few reasons, or namely a big one, School (and podcast stuff). I am still in it and sticking around for another year to get my associates degree. I hope I won't be so bad on updates from now on, but if anyone cares, my bad. But enough blabbering, let's show you this issue!!:


  1. I also have that issue! I found it a few years ago at a comic shop and held onto it. That single issue encapsulates my entire fandom in the 1990s.

    I sent an email to Jason Thompson (of House of 1000 Mangas) about it since he also had a heavy hand in that rag, and he was cool enough to write me back.

    1. Oh sweet. Id figure someone like you might have game related stuff like this. If you get a chance, hit up Foundations Edge, I am sure they have more issues of these over there, since that is pretty much where I go to get my issues when I am in town.

      I was digging through my collection of magazines I have yet to put up, and it turns out I have the first 4 volumes of Game On, so you can expect those to be shown up on here sometime in the future.

      That Jason Thompson guy sounds pretty cool. I have seen his post on ANN, but I haven't had the chance to check them out yet, I may one day.