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Evidence #7: The ANIMAG Saga (ANIMAG Issue #10)

Fellers, whats up!

Ok, so yea, its been a couple of months since I've done one of these "show and tell" things on my blog, which was the whole purpose of the blog in the first place. I can give my reasons later (if you even care to hear them) but I do have another "hot off the ancient press" of anime publications of the past. So for this piece of evidence, we have ANIMAG Issue 10.

So without further ado, lets kick this off:

Alright, on this issue we got a big spread of Yamato regarding the series and movies, including some articles from people on the series. Then we got a piece on Gall Force with summeries of the first 3 OVA's then a article on Patlabor. Lets tackle this a bit further shall we...

Here we got our table of contents on whats in this issue, then we have an editorial article by Trish Ledoux (down below is her autograph I got from her at Animazement '09) and then the "Animation Update" regarding info on Gundam F91, an A-ko OVA and Iczer 3.

Here we got some OVA news regarding new releases that were coming out at the time with Mosica"?", High Speed "Jesse" (Jecy actually), just to name a few.

And here is all the articles about Star Blazers/Yamato written by Robert Napton, Arnold Friedman and the interview with Hiroshi Miyagawa by Randall Larson. Lots of info and details for you Yamato fans out there.

Here we got a cover for Gall Force OVA's with Eternal Story, Destruction and Stardust War with mini reviews and cast and crew info to add with it.

Up next we got some Zeta Gundam episode synopsis from 46 to 50 including some info on the mechs themselves. When I had Trish autograph this mag for me she mentioned (I also stated this before in my past reviews but ill say it again) that whatever you read for these episodes is probably different than what happened in the show, due to what she quoted me "We really didn't know what was going on ourselves and translated the show the best we could have during that time". Take into consideration these episodes were reviewed before this series came out to the states some 15 years later. So if there is a mistake hey, dont be to harsh now.


The guys at ANIMAG even did a cover for the Patlabor OVA at the time which has character info, episode synopsis and mech and series timeline info. The only issue here is, they goofed up on Azuma and Ohta pictures next to the character bios. But you die hard fans of Patlabor know who assist Noa and who is the gun crazed Patlabor pilot, so this is there as a bit of a chuckle and thus should be that way.

And of course, what anime magazine isn't complete without some good ol' fashion advertising:

I do wanna say I have some of the tapes that are listed under that "Star Ventures" ad, since they have the only dub of Macross:DYRL the states ever had, as well as Star Warriors, Techno Police (not mentioned is Macron 1). And I like how New Type sells General Products items also (you know, the people who are GAINAX).

So a bit of a story on how I got this, which to make it brief, I found this magazine the same time as the Animerica Bubblegum Crisis mag I showed/reviewed WAYYY back when I started this. I also brought this with me to Animazement the same year to get my BGC mag autographed by Trish Ledoux, which I know ive stated shes a cool person to meet. I of course got this because it had Gall Force and Zeta Gundam no less in the same magazine so that made me flesh out a few extra bucks there. And thats... pretty much it for my back story on how I got this, same comic book shop too.

So, I think thats gonna wrap up this evidence file of anime mags of the past. But if you are looking for some kinda of explanation as to why its taken me so long to do one of these things, here is my excuse (to those who care). I am doing school full time over at Piedmont Technical College on my Digital Rendering/Game Design certificate down here where I live, still looking for a job and will get unemployment (eventually), and been spreading myself out to other podcast on the net. I did a mini review of SPT Layzner for Regan Strongblood over at Anime 82 that should air sometime in the future, I was just on OnePixelJump podcast doing some reviews for Bubblegum Crash, still doing my blog reviews for the AAA Podcast, and keep on working with the changes on the Cool Kids Club podcast to boot. So you could say, im staying busy with all those things that are happening.

So I leave you guys with this, Never Surrender!! Laters...

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