Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cool Kids Club Podcast Episode 21 - Mad Bull Part 2 Review

Hey guys!!!!

Alright, the moment (non of anyone of you) have been waiting for, the Cool Kids Club Podcast review of the last 2 episodes of Mad Bull 34. This will have Predator 2 rip offs, Chinese underground assassins, racist sounding Chinese underground assassins, "Jesus" Mad Bull, and soooooooooooooo much more!!!! Because only love, can stop the killings...

Episode Here: DOWNLOAD!!!!

You can also see the last 2 episodes of Mad Bull here and here, enjoy!!!!

IMPORTANT NOTE!!!!: The name (at least on my blog and now in the files) of the podcast is going to be The Cool Kids Club Podcast officially... maybe. Due to good to (un)honest feedback we have gotten the past 20 episodes from certain fans (I am guessing), we have decided to go change our name to something less, racist. Yea, you guys are pretty smart to catch on to the abbreviations to the old name, and we wanted to be taken more seriously as a podcast since I am sending the message out to the masses about us. Our first promo premiered on a previous episode of the Method to Madness podcast under this new name for the better and hope that our podcast goes places, maybe one day at your local conventions perhaps? Who knows? I like to look at the old name as Germany in WWII. Yea, they screwed up, and yea they try there darnest to hide that fact, but it happened. But like our name, we are going to own up to it and move on ( I know some of you people are thinking, and no, we didn't kill anyone and have no intention of doing so if you wanna try and make a holocaust joke, you jerks).

I hope that we keep getting more listeners who think we are cool, when I know we are not. You could listen to better podcast out there like- skip it, you know who they are. But thank you for the support and see you next time soon.

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