Monday, May 2, 2011

Evidence #4: (You can still) Rock in Animerica Segment (Animerica Vol. 2, No. 9 - Sept 1994)

Welcome one and all, to the greatest blog of them all!!!!

...Well alright, maybe not "the greatest," but I'm getting there. Yea, its been a little over a month since I actually put anything up to show for, or reviewed well... anything!!! Well, my (excuse) reason is I have been kinda busy. To sum it up, I've got a panel for Animazement 13 I'm working on full steam since end of march, then I joined the Kool Kids Klub podcast so I have been the guy to edit the podcast now to make it more enjoyable for, and I still got my succubus of a job I still work at. So that in short, sums everything up.

But, I got a few minutes and the somewhat undying will to do another segment of anime magazines I should show the internet regardless. Plus, I decided to rename my Animerica blog titles to something more... rockin. Of course, you can clearly see there is no comparison that the title of this segment is related to this Night Ranger song? Preposterous indeed!!!

So, what do I have for you this time.... mmm, alright, how about the Animerica issue of Project A-ko then.

This was an issue I found at the comic book shop in Raleigh NC back in december when I went to see a buddy of mine for vacation time and what not. I got this issue pretty much a couple of weeks after seeing the Project A-ko anime, and that anime is fantastic to watch and more fantastic to enjoy.

So, there is the interview with Yuji Moriyama discussing the series as well as some ads, fan art and other stuff I wanted to show to. So here you go!!!

(Above is an Adam Warren interview with info on the Bubblegum Crisis Grand Mal comic.)

So that's pretty much it for this segment. If you haven't seen the anime, check it out. So I leave you with this...Follow your dreams!


  1. Wow. This reminded me of the inexplicably complex Project A-Ko Role Playing Game from way back when, which had a book and card set which looked like someone made it at Kinko's late one night. I had to buy it, because it was the only anime related thing out that month, but I never even opened it.

  2. I gotta wonder if the Project A-ko RPG has the same system as the Bubblegum Crisis RPG game. Its not the Fuzion system from what I understand but.. gah i cant think of it right now.