Saturday, February 26, 2011

The introduction, of all introductions...

Hello internet! My name is Zeonic Freak, and... I love anime!

Well, I'll say, I like "older anime." I have collections of some posters, books, old anime magazines, VHS tapes and well, anything I wanna get my hands on before the futuristic year of 2000. I wanna make this blog to show you people of the internet stuff that people liked and were interested in before things went to the high life... then the crapper in the anime industry today. Things that what you see today in anime wernt the same when you were learning to walk or before you were conceived (intentional or unintentional). These are things that I grew up in before I ever had an interest in, that are part of my time period with being a 90's kid and such. I've come to know what I missed out on, and trying to figure out what some of those things are.

So I say welcome, to all of you boys and girls of this generation, and look in the past and I will show you wonders of magazines, ads, articles, posters, VHS tapes, video games and the sort as we take this journey to anime of yesteryear.

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